Why It Is Not The Best Time For Science

Get out of here the ring apron and everything looks so odd on it’s crazy so we’ve covered everything is set for the reason you took to be my guess on the highlight reel tonight so tell me and all that chocoholics why you wanted to come out here tonight well Chris we asked to be your guest tonight because you have a big announcement as a matter of fact you really should be down on your knees.

Thanking us for saving this news for your ridiculous little interview show cute you want to get to the point or do you want to keep running your mouth come on Jericho you’ve got information about who stole the world heavyweight title at Wrestle Mania and I think all the peeps and edge heads out there would like to hear it as usual I don’t have a clue what you two flying monkeys are talking about I Don’t know who stole the damn title that may be true but you know who didn’t don’t you that’s right you may not have seen the thief but you did see us didn’t you you know backstage right around the time the title was stolen and we were nowhere near Kirchhoff’s office.

were we well as a matter of fact I did see you two backstage as I recall edge you were whining to the hairdresser about your split ends a Christian root and Christian was busy getting slapped and shot down by the girl who cleans the ladies room yo hey that’s slander you’re lucky I’ll sue for defamation of character and besides she wasn’t hot anyways but what you’re saying is that you can account for our whereabouts thereby removing us in a list of potential suspects right yeah.

I suppose that’s what I’m saying well that’s a release now that you backed our alibis let me ask you this can you do the same for James well I was so amused following the misadventures of you to ask clowns I Don’t recall if I ever saw I mean hey.